Introducing, the first Gushu Sheng Puerh from India, handcrafted in Manipur. 


The only authentic Gushu Puerh from India, this is in a league of its own. Manufactured from Spring 2018 Maocha, it is a privilege for us to offer this exotic tea on our store. We hope you love this tea as much as us and make this tea a benchmark for the the generations of Puerh teas from India to follow.


Gushu means ancient, as is the standard nomenclature for tea from 200+ year old trees, Sheng means raw type of fermented tea in contrast to Shou which means ripe/cooked. Sheng Pu'erh is usually aged and you can feel its character shaping up slowly. After a certain point in time it becomes a treasure you can store for as long as eternity. It is recommended that you age it at least an year after you've tasted it a few times to notice the subtle differences which shape up the tea.


Brewing Instructions

It is recommended to brew in Gong Fu style, but it is not true that it cannot be enjoyed western style. Especially since we have noticed, with our Puerh,  you can use 3-4 grams per and do a wash/rinse of the tea. Then brew it for 1 minute for the 1st infusion, 2 minutes for the 2nd infusion and so on. Depending upon the taste you can brew it for a longer or shorter time. 


Appearance : Dark Yellow

Taste : Sweetness of raisins which become more prominent in texture after the sip, woody, subtle cocoa notes. Second brew onwards is prominent in raisins, sandalwood and figs which leads to a mouthfeel of the cooling taste of fennel. 

Grade : Puerh Cake in Disc Shape

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 95-100°C

Indian Gushu Sheng Pu'erh Cake


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