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Introducing our first standalone pitcher using sandalwood clay and the very vibrant pink nebula glaze, the Pink Nebula Oval Pitcher!


Thrown on wheel and then shaped in this elliptical shape using hand, this is one of the most unique looking gong dao bei we have offered, also otherwise! The gradient has a cherry pink base which accentuates into shaded spekcles of purple and blue throughout the insides. The exterior is left unglazed and provides a nice grip.


Disclaimer : The colours of the pieces can be slightly different from how it appears in the photographs, although we try to present it as true to its nature as possible, it is incredibly hard to capture glazes and different kinds of display screens may present it differently.


Material : Glazed Sandalwood Stoneware


Capacity : 95 ml


Origin : Handcrafted in Bangalore, India using Indian Sandalwood Clay

Artist : Rajshree Ayushee

Pink Nebula Oval Pitcher


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