About us

Our progressive journey towards Ketlee began in 2015 with the aim of sharing the greatest teas from our country, India, with the world. We take immense pride in our journey from wholesale to retail resulting in this brand. 


Tea is a beverage very few people outside the tea world know for its complexity, aromas and flavours. It is our dream to bring this kind of an experience to our customers.


We source our teas from the tea estates located in the foothills of the Mighty Himalayas. Our leaf teas will transport you to the beauty and vastness of the hilly slopes and lush green landscapes of the gardens.  One can experience all the  harvest seasons of spring, summer, monsoon and autumn by indulging in plethora of flavours these seasons have to offer. Our offerings are a wide range of unique teas from India. We have the 

first Indian Pu'erh style teas made from centuries old trees found in the mountains of Manipur, our signature teas like Wild Litsea/Galangal Green and Black Teas have been surprising people around the world with their uniqueness and have changed perceptions about flavoured(scented) teas. We have a Manipuri village style smoked Orthodox Black Tea which is for sure going to surprise you with a very exquisite taste you would never expect from a Smoked Tea. Our Sikkim teas have been a favourite of our earliest and newest customers, we expect total perfection from the famous Indian Highland Teas from Sikkim and Darjeeling, our small yet enchanting collection of these First and Second Flush Teas will take you to a journey which has kept the world coming back to the Champagne of Teas region of India. You can count on us to provide you with the aroma of freshness in your tea journey.

We are constantly updating our collection to offer the most valuable and rare experiences to our customers. We wish to elevate your senses through our teas to a state like never before. We take immense pride in embarking on this journey and will continue to serve great Indian Teas to the world.