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This winter, warm yourself with Indian teas!

Winter season holds a very special place in a tea connoisseur's heart! Nothing beats waking up on a cold morning and browsing through your tea collection for that one tea to provide desired warmth to start your day!

Living in a tropical country, winters are when we consume copious amounts of tea. Some like to start their day with a strong cup of masala chai, some like to drink a nicely oxidised Nilgiri Black. Working with tea, we are especially fortunate to have access to teas from across the country and choosing that first cup becomes one of our favourite things to do! We took it to the extreme last year when we travelled to Ladakh and brewed tea in temperatures around -5 to -15°C! We did realise what teas work best for us when it comes to providing a warming feeling and also ended up with a beautiful photo(the one above) for our Ketlee pouches!

So, here are our top picks to drink during this winter season :

  1. Indian Masala Chai Blend : Of course cannot avoid this bias! This blend of five spices and Assam CTC is perfect for cold winter mornings, with or without milk.

  2. Sikkim Handrolled Oolong : This oolong with wildflower and marigold notes with just a touch of astringency works really well to wake you up.

  3. 2022 Spring Wild White Tea : Yes, we enjoy this tea all around the year but we love it the most during winters! The perfect balance of green and fruit notes, greeted with sweet and fruity notes on the finish is a perfect examples of a tea you can drink all day! Start a session in your gaiwan and keep enjoying it for 10+ steeps.

  4. Orthodox Smoked Black Tea : A smoked wild black tea, it reminds you of campfire in its first sip! Then you are greeted with the sweet honey like liquor, a signature Manipur black tea note.

  5. Nilgiri Highland Gold : Oxidised more than usual Nilgiri blacks, this tea awed us with its saffron note when we first tried it and it still presents it as beautifully as it did 11 months earlier! One of the comfiest black teas we offer, this had to make it into this list.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list and have also added these teas to our "Discounted Teas" page, so you can get 15% off on all of these teas for the next 10 days!

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