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Indian Stoneware Gaiwan is back, unglazed this time!


We are very happy to announce that our Gaiwans are back in stock after a long long wait! This is our fourth batch and follows the same old design language with one major change, it is unglazed this time!

It has been our dream to offer unglazed gaiwans, handcrafted with love in India along with our other main "first from India" offering, our Indian Gushu Sheng Pu'erh style teas! This batch is also finished with an interesting process called burnishing, which is the method of making the surface smooth by polishing it using a smooth object, mostly stone or metal. This decreases the porosity of the ungalzed ware, making it food safe as well as allowing for a more even seasoning.

We call this clay as sandalwood clay since it closely resembles the colour. The clay is a mix of different clay bodies, all from India. The gaiwan has a capacity of 115 ml and is made by our star potter, Aastha Sahal based in Bangalore. As per our initial experiments, the clay is mildly muting for your tea and works great to slightly round off the astringent top notes.

The gaiwan is extremely easy to use with a very thin lip, making sure it does not burn your fingers even when using boiling water! The strong grip provided by the body shape and texture makes for a delightful user experience with a smooth and satisfying pour, indicative of how well the potter has thrown the piece. Also, we love how the knob is shaped and apart from looking extremely beautiful, it also acts as a great touchpoint for a comfortable grip. As with all our teaware, this is a very small batch of just ten handcrafted pieces, with each piece being unique! We hope this finds your home and brings joy to your teatime experience!

Find this gaiwan here!

Clay : Sandalwood Indian stoneware clay
Finish : Unglazed
Capacity : 115ml
Contains : Cup, lid and saucer
Artist : Aastha Sahal
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