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2020 Spring Gushu Cakes are here, with a surprise!

One of the most awaited teas we sell is the Sheng Pu'erh style teas made from ancient teas in Manipur, India. This year though, we also have a new addition to our compressed tea collection, Indian Gushu White Tea Cake.

Made from the 2020 Spring Wild White Tea, this is a tea which was long in the making and we are glad to be able to finally offer it. Pressed white teas are a relatively new concept but aged whites are not, the main reason for pressing for us the ease which this form gives when ageing the tea. Although the steaming does enhance the flavours, especially the woody character. We have pressed a few test samples over the years and they have indeed aged into beautiful forms of themselves.

The current batch of pressing happened late January 2021 and that is the batch on sale right now. Right now, the tea is much more fruity than the loose leaf form and the woody character is upfront. We get notes of pears, spearmint, kiwi, honeysuckle and apples. The dry Indian winter slows down the ageing of all our teas and hence the development is rather slow these days. We'd encourage folks living in more humid conditions to age this beautiful tea and let us know how it goes! We ourselves will be ageing a significant chunk of these to put on sale a few years later!

Indian Gushu Sheng Pu'erh Cake from Spring Season Harvest 2020 Made from Wild Gushu Assamica tea trees, this tea has been further refined by an year of experience in making Sheng Pu'erh style teas. The leaves have a lot less oxidation on them compared to the 2019 Spring and Autumn shengs. The maocha has been steamed and pressed with much more care and that makes sure the leaves undergo minimal damage during this process.

This is just a start of the journey this tea has to offer and we are sure we'll be able to age it into something even more interesting in a couple of years and would urge you to do the same. If you like to take control and age your Pu'erh and Pu'erh style teas, you will definitely enjoy adding this intriguing tea from Indian Old Tree forests into your pumidor! Going by the previous years of experience, the tea will evolve into more and more delicious and sweeter versions of itself every few months!

Hope you try these interesting teas and let us know your feedback!


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