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After a year without it, finally introducing the Nilgiri Highland White from 2021-2022 winter harvest. This batch was harvested in the first week of January 2022.


It is grown in Coonoor, Nilgiri at an altitude of 6300 feet. Their motto is to preserve the leaf's inherent character resulting in some exceptional teas. The people making this tea work hard in the misty Nilgiris bringing you this experience, the steep slopes are not an easy place to work!


The dry leaf has a sweet lemony aroma, with undertones of sweet grass. When placed on the heated ware, the grassy aroma feels more umami than grassy and is sweeter than before with hints of fruits like muskmelon and pineapple. Like the 2021 Spring Nilgiri White, this also has a sweet mango note but not as bold, the soft character is what Nilgiri winter harvest is famous for and this is no different. There are yellow flower notes along with the yellow fruit notes of muskmelon and pineapple. There is a hint of vanilla as the liquor further cools down and that blends well with the soft and silky liquor. This tea is a great choice for your evening tea, wherein you sit and enjoy the subtle flavours this has to offer. 


Appearance : Pale yellow

Taste : Vanilla, yellow flower, pineapple, muskmelon, mango, lemon

Steeping Time : 3 minutes western style, 20 seconds gongfu style adding 5 seconds every subsequent steep
Leaf to water ratio :  0.7 gram per 100ml for western style, 3 grams per 100ml for gongfu style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works well with all styles

Nilgiri Highland White


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