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Introducing a daily drinking black tea from Arunachal Pradesh, this time from the autumn harvest. A lot of black teas from India defy the classic black tea processing norms like complete oxidation, this is not one of them. A wholesome tea, which falls perfectly into the category of red tea/hong cha/लाल चाय.


The dry leaf has aroma of jaggery and more precisely, like one of the sweets famous in North Eastern India, thekua, it is a fried biscuit made with jaggery or sugar mixed with wheat flour and fennel seeds. When placed on the heated ware, the same just intensifies with some malt notes as well. The liquor has well rounded notes of malt, jaggery and butter. It also very closely resembles another Indian snack called Lai, it is basically a puffed rice ball coated with melted jaggery, which also holds it together. There are some hazelnut notes to be noticed when the liquor cools down.


If you like your tea english breakfast style, this is a great tea for that. Just add a touch of milk and it transforms the tea completely.


Appearance : Deep Orange

Taste : Malt, jaggery, hazelnut, milky

Steeping Time : 3 minutes western style, 25 seconds gongfu style adding 5 seconds every subsequent steep
Leaf to water ratio :  0.6 gram per 100ml for western style, 3 grams per 100ml for gongfu style

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 90°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Works best western style

Arunachal Autumn Black Tea


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