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About Sikkim Organic Teas

Want truly organic Indian teas? Look towards Sikkim, being the only state practicing purely organic farming methods for all agricultural produce. 

This does make a difference as all around the estate people actively use organic farming methods where no pesticide has been used for a long amount of time, cutting down the chances of any kind of cross contamination. The water used is also spring or glacial water, directly coming from pristine untouched sources adding to the charm of an already pure cultivation areas. The estate we source our beautiful Sikkim Teas from has a mountain stream passing right through the estate and you can feel the taste of that mineral rich water in all the teas they make!

One of the new emerging estates in Sikkim, Bermiok Tea Estate has been dedicatedly producing one of the best tasting organic highland teas we have come across. Famous for their signature Oolongs, First Flush and exotic Summer and Autumn Teas, they have been the go to teas for us and our customers. The amount of effort they put in caring for their ecosystem and the local community does make the teas even more special. As is the case with any kind of food and beverage item, the amount of love you put in, the happier you are while crafting them and the general mindfulness you have while doing something you really love, converts the good raw material into a masterpiece.

We have been offering Bermiok Tea from Sikkim since the start of our brand, Ketlee( From the first day, they have steadily been the favourite of our customers. Here are a few reviews we have received for these teas.

· The best example of this style of tea I have ever had. Very good all around. -About our Sikkim First Flush Spring Black Tea by Neil A Edwards

· Very good. One of the better Oolongs in my stash. Well balanced, not too bitter. Loved it. - About our Sikkim Spring Oolong by Neil A Edwards

· We don’t often encounter Sikkim tea, but this is one of them from Ketlee. A fresh black tea, rich with tea oils. Decious and pretty too! - About our Sikkim First Flush Spring black Tea by Elizabeth and Vientiene from

· I cannot imagine to start a day without First Flush Black Tea by Ketlee. A refreshing day with First Flush! - About our Sikkim First Flush Spring Black Tea by Abhishek Ranjan

· Its been a slow day off. I didn’t get to breakfast – or my first cuppa – until about noon. I thought I’d dip into something completely new to me, passed on my way by It’s a first flush black tea, hailing from the landlocked Indian state of Sikkim.

No this isn’t a tea from the well known Temi Tea Garden, rather a newer outfit called Bermiok Tea. The 15 acre garden is one of the(if not *the*) newest tea gardens in the country. Small-leaf china bush cultivars didn't go into the ground until 2002.

Because of their youth, the leaves are positively bursting with aromatics. This particular first flush is from the 2018 harvest year, but it tastes like it was plucked a mere three months ago. Either that's a credit to impeccable storage, or the leaf material was just that well-processed. Also, could be that the floral nature of the leaves just don't dull down, even after a year. - About our Sikkim First Flush Spring Black tea by Geoffrey Norman of

· I used to have Sikkim First Flush whole year since last year as I had bought quite a big packet from Ketlee. This year finally after finishing my whole package, I picked up Sikkim Summer Black Tea along with Golden Tips and Spring Wild White. I have to say I can see myself enjoying the Summer Black for a very long time again! Its refreshing, a little stronger than the first flush and finally a very enjoyable cup of tea! - About our Sikkim Summer Black Tea by Ankit Prasad

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