We are extremely excited to announce that we are starting a widely demanded subscription which will take you on a journey of Indian teas like never before!


You will get to try some very unique Indian teas which can be made the Gong Fu Cha way! This will also enable us to offer a much bigger catalogue of exclusive teas, fresh from the garden, rested for a fair/required amount of time and sent at the time the tea is at its best. 

Each month, you will be receiving 100gms of our tea/teas according to the months feature. The teas being sent out will be mentioned below in detail so you know what kind of tea/teas you are signing up for. 


April 2020


The tea for the coming month of April will be 2019 Autumn Wild Gushu White Tea, picked in the last week of October. The dry leaf has a dominantly flowery aroma, on the heated teaware it smells very fruity with notes of ripe guava and ripe kiwi. The liquor is thick and coats your mouth evenly, the thickness of this god's nectar continues till the last of steeps. Dominantly flowery and fruity, it also has a mild astringency making it a pleasing cup of tea. 


May 2020


2019 Autumn Wild Gushu Maocha.


June 2020


To be announced soon!

Indian GongFu Safari


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