Our Galangal Green is a concoction of Wild Greater Galangal Rhizome with our Wild Green Tea, made from trees definitely more than 150 years old.


Our manufacturing partner follows a rigorous and meticulous blending process, which is the method adopted for authentic Chinese Jasmine Teas. Unlike most blending methods which are done by mixing tea with dried materials, our blending is done with fresh Greater Galangal Rhizomes.


  • Our teas are blended with fresh Galangal Rhizomes overnight in a basket (container) and separated the next day morning and the tea leaves are then sun dried
  • These process is repeated over several times in order to achieve the right mix
  • This method of blending gives an infusion of fresh aromas which is more enjoyable than aroma infused through dried herbs, flavor oils or flowers
  • Also, this process avoid infusion of dried herbs/flowers while brewing the tea, as the dried herbs/flowers sometimes give unwanted taste and texture to the tea liquor


Galangal is a plant from the family Zingiberaceae which belong to the same family as Ginger. It is used in medication and culinary field mostly by South Asian country (especially Indonesia & Thailand). The Hindi word for Galangal is Kulanjan.


We use Green Tea as the base material for this blend. The health benefits of this tea are :


  • Unlike estate teas which are commercially grown and produced, our Teas are naturally grown & produced in forests 
  • They are very high in antioxidants, amino acids and other natural nutrients
  • Because it’s grown in wild, the tea plant is more matured with deeper roots, lesser pollutants and hence richer in un-synthesized & natural nutrients
  • They are carefully hand crafted by mountain artisans, which makes the leaves more intact thereby retaining higher nutrients, aroma and flavor


Normal Brewing:

  • Use 2-4 grams of tea leaves in 100 ml of hot water, gong fu method yeilds better results as always
  • Use hot water at about 95°C. Do not boil the tea leaves
  • Brew the tea leaves for about 2-3 minutes in the hot water


Appearance : Golden Yellow

Taste : Sweet, smoothly astringent, fennel, mild hotness of the herb in aftertaste and feel

Grade : FTGFOP1, Wild Assamica Plants

Recommended Steeping Time : 3minutes

Recommended Steeping Temperature : 85°C

    Wild Galangal Ancient Green Tea


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