After a long wait, we have one of the biggest newsmakers from the Indian Tea industry this year, but with a special touch, this tea is from a high elevation Darjeeling estate sitting at 5700 feet at its highest point. 

Introducing, a very exclusive tea, The Darjeeling Highland Gold!


The dry leaf smells downright sweet with honey and cocoa notes. The chocolate aroma really blasts off in your face when placed in a heated teaware. It has a beautiful sunset orange liquor which is cloudy in texture, you can see clouds of gold dust from the buds swim in the liquor. The mouthfeel is intense with the aroma giving off chocolate notes and the liquor coats your tongue with an overwhelming palm jaggery taste. The complex cloudy texture of the liquor rightly complements its powerful sweetness giving the tea its very own character. Lack of astringency in the tea does not affect its capabilities to reflect the high mountain Darjeeling freshness in the aftertaste. Having this tea is like having an exquisite and fulfilling dessert!


Recommended Steeping Temperature : 90°C

Recommended Steeping Method : Western Style and GongFu style, both work good!

Darjeeling Highland Gold


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