Introducing 2019 Monsoon Wild White Tea by Ketlee


The first Monsoon Tea we are offering, this might as well be the best monsoon tea we have tried so far. A sweet and smooth White Tea, with all its wild characteristics still intact. The rains have surely poured their sweetness into this tea. One has to taste the smooth and thick liquor to experience the complete package this tea truly has to offer. This tea is not just a leaf tea but an exquisite delicacy, much more than its ingredients, it is a dish carefully curated by nature. Strong and robust, this White Tea from old trees has a very complex flavour profile which cannot be done justice by just writing down the tasting notes.


But here we are, describing the taste of this tea. It starts on a sour note, notes of citrus peel and raw peach with a gooseberry finish. From the second steep onwards the tea embarks on its everlasting sweetness journey, notes of grapes and toffee with an earthy sandalwood finish. The third steep brings out the full bodied sweetness which coats your mouth and is very smooth and pleasant to drink. The fourth steep starts to introduce the sour notes again with a sweet and sour Indian gooseberry note. The fifth steep balances out the sweet and sour notes evenly for a very mineral rich sweetness with raisins and citrus zest finish. 


Indulging further into this tea, sweetness overwhelmes the tongue with a mild caramel coating while the background flavours make special apprarances on and off. The very dance of flavours is like finding a treasure, once safely preserved in the forest. 


Appearance : Golden

Taste : Raisin, agarwood, sandalwood, brown sugar, wet forest, gooseberry, grapes, peach

Grade : Wild Gushu Monsoon Harvest 2019

2019 Monsoon Wild White Tea


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