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Free shipping over $50 is back! Along with new teas including 2022 Darjeeling First Flush!

We are extremely happy to inform that we have managed to figure out a way to offer the older and more affordable shipping policy of free shipping over $50 for India Post Registered Post and $10 shipping charge for orders below $50 again!

Also we have two new teas on the site! Read more about them below!

2022 Darjeeling First Flush

Introducing for the first time, a Darjeeling First Flush on our shop! We have been teasing this tea with the slogan "We don't usually offer Darjeeling First Flush, but when we do, we make sure its spectacular!". This tea lives up to that hype with its champagne coloured liquor and nectar like taste! This tea is made from AV2 clones, one of the most popular cultivars used in Darjeeling and comes from the prestigious Namring Tea Estate. This tea was made from a section at an altitude of 3800 feet. Okay, let us talk more about this very special tea now!

Arunachal Golden Bud Black Tea

Introducing another tea from Arunachal Autumn 2021 harvest, the Arunachal Golden Bud Black Tea. We just cannot get over the simple and enjoyable blacks teas the region has to offer, consistent yet unique! This was manufactured in late November, we were not even aware they make tea over there so late in the season but were pleased to know that and ended up stocking all the teas we did!


We hope you enjoy the new teas on offer along with the older shipping rates! We cannot express how happy we are to offer this rate again and are hoping to continue this for as long as possible!

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