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30% off on all Manipur Teas and a shipping update!

There have been a few major rate revisions for India Post shipments and we will have to revise the free shipping to $50 from 1st March. We tried to avoid this for as long as possible but it is getting increasingly difficult to manage with these rates. We are extremely thankful for your support and it was a pleasure offering $30 free shipping till we could!

To compensate for this update, we are running a sale till the end of this month. Use the code "MANIPUR30" to get 30% off on all the teas from the regions! You can also use the code "KETLEE15" to get 15% off on everything else!

We have also listed some 2023 teas from Nilgiri and the much awaited Assam Golden Bud Breakfast Blend is back in stock! Be sure to check out new additions from Meghalaya as well, the 9th state we offer on the site!

Manipur Teas page link :

Meghalaya Teas page link :

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