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20% off! Launching a dedicated page for our teas on discount & 10 gram option for sampler sets!

Hello everyone!

We have a lot of exciting announcements to make today, lets go through them one by one!

1. We have launched a special page for teas on discount and have added some of our most sought after teas on discount as a launch special offer! Use the code PARTY to avail 20% off on all the teas on our newly launched page, visit it by clicking here.

2. You can now purchase all our sampler sets in 10 gram quantities! This was one of the most requested options and we are glad to be able to finally offer it!

3. We have added a lot of new teas on the site, including some delicious malty and sweet black teas from Bihar, a green oolong and a green tea from Sikkim, final two teas from Nilgiri winter harvest and two low oxidation blacks, a purple leaf oolong and a golden bud black tea from Arunachal Pradesh! The 2018 Indian Gushu Sheng Pu'erh style tea is also available for purchase again after finally reaching our new packaging unit. Visit this page to find the newly launched teas on the top!

4. We started with a really small collection of teas, because of the continuous love poured on us by our patrons and the brilliant tea makers and farmers of India, our collection has grown to a significantly large assortment. To make browsing and searching for these delicious teas easier, we have added a search function on our site finally!

We hope you enjoy the new additions, offers and size options on our site!


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